Every day volunteers across the country come together to make a lasting difference in their communities by contributing their time, expertise and talents to their United Ways. Volunteers are critical to our operations and we wouldn’t be able to inspire change without you.

Benefits of volunteering with United Way

There are many benefits when you volunteer with United Way, including:

  • Meet new and inspiring people with a common interest in making your community better.
  • Expand and develop your skill set, as well as share your current skills.
  • Gain valuable on-profit experience.
  • Be part of a team that gives back directly to your community.

Different ways of volunteering

Giving back to your community is easy with United Way. There are many rewarding opportunities that will fit your schedule and interests, including:

  • Support your United Way event in your community.
  • Contribute your skills to your local United Way office.
  • Organize a workplace campaign.
  • Volunteer at one of the many social service agencies funded by our United Way.
  • Join your United Way Board of Directors or Campaign Cabinet.
Contact us and become a volunteer in your community