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Storm the Stairs Virtual Challenge

It is with heavy hearts that our 2020 event is now canceled,

we hope to see you all in September 2021 



Even though COVID-19 will prevent us from gathering this September, we are still going to support our local youth organization. In fact, we believe that it is more important than ever that we do at this time.

Like many charities, we feel that our viability is threatened during this time of crisis. Many of our local youth programs have been reaching out virtually during this time, but it is not the same. Your support is essential to ensure that when our youth are able to return to their pre-teen and youth centres, they are at full strength and ready to empower them to reach their full potential and ensure that they continue to get the support they need.

Please join us and help us Storm the Stairs for Youth!

What is a virtual challenge?

A virtual challenge can be completed by running, jogging, or walking from any location you choose. You complete your challenge at your own pace and track your steps and mileage your self. Complete a virtual route 1,2, 3, 4, or more times. (One flight of stairs is the equivalent of 15 steps.) The cart below is an example of what you could do for the challenge.


EZSteps: 65 flights of stairs, over 4 weeks 260 flights = minimum of 3,900 steps

Express: 81 flights of stairs, over 4 weeks 324 flights = minimum of 4,860 steps

Grande: 89 flights of stairs, over 4 weeks 355 flights = minimum of 5,340 steps

How it works:

  1. Register as an individual or as a team, (each person’s registration must be filled out completely to receive challenge medal & event bib).
  2. Set up your per-to-per fundraising page, to assist you with your fundraising efforts.
  3. Track your steps & distance with any fitness device or app. Run, jog, walk in your yard, down your street, or challenge your stairs. Or you can download the map of your choice from our website and follow the route.
  4. This years challenge is based on the honour system and we ask that you share your results with us on social media, as there will not be a formal submission process for your steps & distance.
  5. Complete challenge(s) by September 26, 2020.
  6. We will send out challenge swag items following the challenge end date.


Don’t forget to share your challenge with us!

We would love to hear about your challenge experience. Join our Virtual Challenge Facebook Group. And share your photos/videos and connect with fellow participants! Please remember to observe social distancing rules out in the community. Share your photos on social media by using #StS4Youth.


How do I register?

  • You are required to register online; if you need assistance registering online, contact us at sts@uwtraildistrict.org.

Is there a registration fee and minimum fundraising amount for the challenge?


Adult (19+) $50                 Youth (18 years and under) $20

All participants must also raise a matching amount to their registration. (adult $100/youth $40)



Adults (19+) $45                Youth (18 years and under) $15

Teams are 3 to 5 members, during our virtual Storm the Stairs teams can be a mix of ages. This is so families may participate together if they choose.

Teams must raise a matching amount to their total registration. (2 adults + 2 youth = $120)


Download Route maps here:

New:  EZSteps

Express: StSExmap
Grande: StSGrmap







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