Community Impact

Our goal is to support communities on our region to become the best they can be by engaging individuals and mobilizing collective action. At United Way we are working for real change by:

  • Engaging and mobilizing community (dollars, influence, time and knowledge)
  • Strengthening the network of services and capacity of non-profits and community.
  • Influencing public attitudes.
  • Understanding and working to address underlying causes.

Funding Process

  • Each year (October) Agencies are required to submit to the United Way relevant statistical information including financial statement. They must also submit an information update and program funding request and budget.
  • Allocations are predicated on the understanding that each Agency is governed by a duly elected volunteer board authorized to determine Agency programs, services, operational policies, and budgets.
  • The United Way has the responsibility and authority to allocate funds entrusted to it by donors in a fair and equitable process that involves a thorough review of each Agency’s operations and finances. The objective of the process is to determine a funding level that is appropriate in light of competing needs and interests of all Agencies and the priorities of the community.
  • Prior to any final decision with respect to allocations being made by the United Way Board (generally at the January Board meeting), all Agencies will be required to participate in an allocation interview. At this time, the Agency will have an opportunity to make a brief presentation, provide feedback on the role of the United Way, and to respond to questions the allocation committee may have.

Our 2020 application for funding is now closed. Thank you to all the agencies that sent their application for funding by the end date of October 29th, 2020.  Applications are now under review, all successful applicants will be notified by December 17th, 2020.

Allocation Process: AllocProceG

Funding Application: Closed

Questions or require additional information?

Please contact us at or 250.364.0999

What is a Life Kit?

The Life Kit is a plastic envelope which contains important personal and medical information about a person. Once the information is completed, it is to be placed in the top right-hand side of your fridge. The stickers are to be placed on your front door and fridge.

In the event of a personal emergency, Emergency Responders will immediately know that all your information is in one place, the kit is a a one point of refernce package that could provide vital information to Emergency Responders in a very timely manner.

This could save your life!

To schedule a presentation to our Community group, please contact: Naomi McKimmie or 250-364-0999

Get Your Free Life Kit


Available at the following Trail locations:

Pharmasave                Shoppers Drug Mart

RC Legion Br #11              Columbia Family Medicine

Walmart/Pharmacy            United Way Trail & District

Available at the following Rossland locations:

Alpine Drug Mart            Ferraro Foods

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